Cindi Shaw

Council of Commissioners
Title: Chair, Commissioner, District 11
Phone: (406) 490-1118
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Cindi Shaw

Name: Cindi Shaw

How long have you lived in Butte-Silver Bow: I moved to Butte from the Midwest nearly 20 years ago.

What Commissioner District do you Represent and how long have you lived in that district: I am the commissioner for District #11 and have lived in the same home at 211 West Quartz St. for almost 20 years.

How long have you been in office: I have held an elected office in Butte Silver Bow since 2004.

Why did you run for public office: I saw some things that I thought could be improved in my neighborhood, and figured that if I was the Commissioner it would put me in a better position to help promote some positive changes.

What Committees do you sit on: In the Council of Commissioners I currently fill the role of Vice-Chairman. I also sit on the Board of Health, Local Emergency Planning Committee, and Butte Local Development Committee. I am also a member of the Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel Board and a member of the Butte Exchange Club.

What initiatives/policies will you focus on over the course of your term: In general, my role as a commissioner is to represent, and intercede for, the citizens of Butte-Silver Bow in all areas of government. This is my main focus. Specifically, I would like to see Butte continue to aggressively solicit bigger businesses (manufacturing, etc.) that provide a living wage, without necessarily competing with our existing businesses. We need to address the high poverty level in Butte, our homeless issues, rising drug crime, and of course crumbling and aging infrastructure. At the same time I would like to see this community continue to preserve our historical treasures and maintain Butte's unique qualities while embracing progress to improve our quality of life.


What do you hope to get out of your time serving the public: After 12 years in office my biggest satisfaction comes from helping people. It motivates me every day. If I can't answer a question or concern, I make sure I find out who can. What I have gained from 12 years of serving this community is many precious relationships and friendships that make it all worthwhile. Even if you can't make everyone happy, most people will know if you have tried your best.

What makes your district unique: What can I say, I'm an Uptown Girl! Most of the Original Butte Townsite established in 1879 falls in my District. Along with the remnants of the rich history of Butte's heyday and mining legacy, uptown Butte is where it all started. Of course, my District is only one of 12 districts that each have their own uniqueness and importance that make up what we call Butte-Silver Bow.

What is the best way for a constituent to reach you: You can call me anytime at (406) 490-1118. My email address is: I would love to chat with you.

Do you prefer Pasty or Pork Chop Sandwich: I love pasties AND Pork Chop Sandwiches (Especially from "The Freeway, [sorry John!]).

If you were stranded on a desert Island, what three items would you bring with you: My piano, a garden shovel, and a fishing pole

Is there anything else you would like to tell your constituents: 'Nuf said!


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