Jim Fisher

Council of Commissioners
Title: Commissioner, District 6
District 6 Map
Jim Fisher

Name: Jim Fisher
How long have you lived in Butte-Silver Bow:
 61 years, my entire life.

What Commissioner District do you Represent and how long have you lived in that district: I am in my fifth year representing District #6 and have lived within the district for 30 years.

 How long have you been in office: 
I have served one four-year term, and am now entering my second.

Why did you run for public office: To improve our community.

What Committees do you sit on: Budget & Finance, Public Works and Rules.

What initiatives/policies will you focus on over the course of your term: Various ~ Stodden Park & New Pool, Road and Infrastructure improvements, improve tax base and decrease spending

Over the next four years, what do you see are Butte-Silver Bow’s most important challenges and how would you like to address them: Berkley pit treatment of toxic water, water treatment plant Superfund, open private talks and road and infrastructure improvement more tax income by economic investment and lower the overhead of county spending.

What do you hope to get out of your time serving the public: A better Butte

What makes your district unique: It is the largest growing segment of our Community without being in a URA OR TIFID, Stodden Park is in this district, and it is a well-diversified district of homeowners and small business including warehouses and many other positive things.

How can a constituent reach you: By E-Mail jfinmt@gmail.com or Ph. 406-491-8427.

Do you prefer Pasty or Pork Chop Sandwich: Both good local businesses and I like to eat them both.

If you were stranded on a desert Island, what three items would you bring with you:  Food and water..... but hope to never reach that point.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your constituents: I am open to visit about your concerns or questions and look forward to serving you.


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