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Lost Animal Report

  1. Animal Information
    Please help to fill out as much information as possible about the animal that has gone missing.
  2. Please Explain
  3. Sex*
    *If you are not sure if the animal is Fixed ( Spayed or Neutered) please select the INTACT Option. If Unsure all together please select unsure - it happens it's okay.
  4. Please Also Provide -a Nickname or a Name on a tag.
  5. If Multiple Breeds Please Provide What are Known.
  6. Please List all Colors
  7. Missing toe, Nic in the Ear, Broken Tail, White Patches, One Different Colored Eye *Anything to help identify*
  8. Are Both the Same?
  9. Tortoiseshell Colors
  10. Cattle Dog Color Variations
  11. Tail*
  12. Ears*
  13. Declawed*
    This is not common and is a very important trait to tell some cats all the same color apart!
  14. Cat Hair Length*
  15. Any special decoration? Bones, rhinestones, phone numbers, skulls, etc. If None - please say N\A or Unsure.
  16. Tags?*
  17. Please explain if they may be microchipped and if the name were to link to an old last name, number, shelter, etc. Sometimes microchips are not updated making it hard to find a current owner and any information can help.
  18. Current Rabies*
  19. Current Vet Used and Person Animal is registered too. If unsure please provide to the best of your abilities
  20. Please provide a picture of your animal if you have one.
  21. Contact the shelter
    Please contact the shelter with any further information at 406-497-6528. Additional resources are on the Lost Animal Page. *If this is a case of believed theft please contact the police after submitting this form*
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