How do I know what is on the Council agenda?
First, you can access the weekly agenda each Monday afternoon on the Butte-Silver Bow website - click here to go directly to the Agenda Center. The agendas are listed by date, and you can also review past agendas back to 2012 and the official minutes of Council meetings. Agendas prior to 2012 are available upon request - just use the Contact Form available on this website.

Second, you can obtain a copy of an agenda from the Council secretary. The office of the secretary is on the 2nd floor of the Butte courthouse, just inside the Clerk and Recorder's Office, 155 W Granite St. Agendas can also be requested at the check-in table in Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of the courthouse immediately before or after Council meetings.

Finally, The Montana Standard and Butte Weekly often have articles covering agenda items.

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