What is the purpose of floodplain mapping?
FIRMs show a visual depiction of those areas of B-SB that FEMA has determined to be at risk for what is commonly referred to as a 100-year flood. Those areas of the community that have been determined to be at risk of a 100-year flood are depicted on the floodplain maps as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs). The recently adopted FIRMs now visually depict the SFHA boundaries digitized over aerial photographs of B-SB.

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1. What is a floodplain?
2. What are official floodplain maps called?
3. What is the purpose of floodplain mapping?
4. How are floodplains mapped?
5. How are floodplains (SFHA) illustrated on FIRMS?
6. How much of Butte-Silver Bow is regulated by FIRMS?
7. Did the recently adopted FIRMs change the SHFA boundaries if the 1980s FIRMs?
8. Where can I review a paper copy of a FIRM?
9. How are floodplains regulated in Butte-Silver Bow?
10. What kind of development is permitted in with the SHFA?
11. How do I apply for a floodplain development permit?