What should I do with an unidentified insect or weed?
Submitting Insects and plants to Schutter Diagnostic Laboratory is fun and easy!
Bring in your specimens to the MSU Extension Office at 305 W Mercury St. Suite 303 OR
Send specimens to:
Schutter Diagnostic Lab
Montana State University
119 Plant BioScience Bldg
P.O. Box 173150
Bozeman, MT 59717-3150

Information to include with sample:

You may wish to print out an Insect Identification Form to include with your sample.
Describe damage of concern. If the insect is not included in the sample (damage sample only) describe the insect if possible (shape, body length, coloring, behavior).
Include the following collection data:
Collection date.
Collection location (e.g., Helena MT). Or, give nearest town and distance / direction from it (for example, 7 mi. SW of Helena MT).
Collector’s name (not county agent etc.).
Host identification (for example, green ash). If the host is not a plant, describe environment of collection site (for example, kitchen windowsill, basement, bag of rice).

Packaging of sample:

Collect several insect specimens if possible. Place specimens in sturdy clear containers with tight fitting lids that are strong enough to survive mail or courier services. Hard-bodied specimens can be sent either alive or in containers of rubbing alcohol. Aphids, mites, spiders, small flies and larvae need to be sent in rubbing alcohol. Caterpillars should be flash boiled before placing in rubbing alcohol. Turf insects can be sent alive in soil/root samples mailed in crush-proof box.

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