Report a Weed Problem

The Butte-Silver Bow Weed Control Department asks citizens to address any noxious weeds on private property.

The city-county crews address weeds on publicly-owned properties, and the Montana Department of Transportation works to control weeds along state roadways.

The department also asks that, if you know of a property owned by Butte-Silver Bow that has a weed problem, please call 406-497-6460 to report it so that Weed Control crews can promptly address weeds before they spread.

Weed issues can also be reported online. Use our request tracker, click on ‘Report a Weed Problem’, or, if you do not have a free website user account, use the online Contact Form. Helpful information on the identification of noxious weeds is also available via the links on the right.

If you know of a private property with a weed problem, also call Weed Control to report it and the department will contact the landowner to address it. Voluntary compliance with city-county rules on the management of noxious weeds is the quickest and most effective way to keep Butte’s vegetation healthy and prevent weeds from spreading.

Here are some things you can do to help with common Butte-Silver Bow weeds:

  • If kochia is present on your property, mow it as soon as possible, particularly if it turns red. Kochia plants are dark green when young and turn red as they mature. Kochia is a pioneering species that is often the first to grow on disturbed sites where little or no vegetation is present. It is an annual plant that reproduces solely by seed, with each kochia plant producing thousands of seeds. Kochia thrives in sandy and salty soils where other plant species struggle to grow, and it thrives wherever soils are frequently disturbed, such as gardens, roadsides, and construction sites. Kochia also gives itself a competitive advantage by exuding chemicals into the soil that reduce the growth of nearby plants. Kochia is not on the Montana Noxious Weed list, but it is on the Silver Bow County noxious weed list.
  • If baby’s breath is present on your property, also mow as soon as possible. This ornamental is commonly seen in floral arrangements. Unfortunately, like many ornamentals, it is highly invasive, especially in disturbed areas. Like kochia, baby's breath is not on the Montana Noxious Weed list, but it is on the Silver Bow County noxious weed list.
  • If spotted knapweed is present, you should mow and then spray with a herbicide. Spotted knapweed is included on the Montana Noxious Weed list, and is easily identified by its small pink to purple flowers, bracts with black tips directly under the flowerhead and deeply lobed lower leaves with fine, cobweb-type hairs.
    (Information above from the MSU Extension Agency)

If you are unable to address weeds on your property or would like more information, call the Butte-Silver Bow Weed Control Department at 406-497-6460 and they can refer you to a private business that can assist.

For property owners who do not comply and leave weed issues unaddressed, the Weed Control Department asks that neighbors be patient as the department goes through the necessary due process prior to taking direct action on any privately-owned land.

The city-county thanks all Butte-Silver Bow residents for their assistance in preventing the spread of noxious weeds.