Economic Gardening Program

Economic Gardening services target growth oriented companies identified and selected by local economic developers or entrepreneur support organizations, and provide a suite of high-end, high-speed business growth resources.

The services available in this program includes Strategic Research from a team of specialists from the National Center for Economic Gardening. In order to participate in this program companies must meet the eligibility criteria, complete an application, and be approved by the local host organization. See the eligibility criteria for more details.

If your business meets the program eligibility criteria, click here for the online application system. This application system is designed to capture information about your company quickly and securely, and will allow you continuous access via a login and password process. The information on your application will only be seen by the local host organization and members of the Virtual Research Team assigned to your project.

The Butte Economic Gardening Program is managed by the National Center for Economic Gardening and hosted by the Edward Lowe Foundation.