The purpose of the Butte-Silver Bow Air Quality Program is to monitor, assess and provide information on countywide ambient air quality conditions and trends as specified by the Montana and Federal Clean Air Acts.  The current Air Quality Status is displayed on the sign in front of the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department located at 25 West Front Street.

Air Monitoring Station

Greeley School Site

 This historical site is at a closed elementary school in a residential neighborhood on the north side of Butte and very near an operating open pit copper mine.  Particulate Matter (PM) 10 and PM2.5 data collected at this site represents population exposure on a neighborhood scale.  Continuous PM10 data is used to monitor NAAQS compliance in the local nonattainment area.  Continuous PM2.5 data is reported to the Todays's Air website and is used for public health protection plans during periods of poor air quality.
EPA Burn Wise: Prepare for Burn Season

October 5-11 is Fire Prevention Week- a great time to promote best burn tips to help keep homes warm and healthier. It’s also a great opportunity to share the health and safety benefits of replacing an old wood stove with cleaner, more efficient home heating.

Approximately 10 million wood stoves are currently in use in the United States, and 65 percent of them are older, inefficient, conventional stoves. Just 20 old, non-EPA certified wood stoves can emit more than 1 ton of fine particle pollution (PM2.5) into your area during the cold months of the year. 

Smoke from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces contain a mixture of harmful gases and small particles. Breathing these small particles can cause asthma attacks and severe bronchitis, aggravate heart and lung disease, and may increase the likelihood of respiratory illnesses.