Community Enrichment

The Community Enrichment Department includes the Animal Services Division, Parking Enforcement Division, Weed Control, and a Community Decay Division. The department:

  • Enforces the community decay ordinances
  • Enforces animal control ordinances
  • Confines nuisance and abandoned animals
  • Enforces parking regulations

The full duties of the department are described in Butte-Silver Bow Municipal Code, Chapter 2.87. The Community Decay Ordinance enforced by the department is described in detail in Butte-Silver Bow Municipal Code, Chapter 8.06.

Animal Services Division

The Animal Services Department is open during the week to assist the public with most needs, and is available to handle all phone calls for the Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter. Animal Services:

  • Provides services which help prevent animals from becoming a danger or a nuisance to the community.
  • Strives to improve responsible pet ownership throughout the community
  • Provides the community with awareness of animal stewardship through educational programs, public information, and animal control.
  • Educates the community about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.
  • Responds to animal-related requests and complaints from the community.
  • Coordinates dispatch for Animal Control.
  • Helps with lost and found reports.
  • Provides animal traps and trapping instructions.

Complete information on department duties and animal regulations and requirements in Butte-Silver Bow can be found in Butte-Silver Bow Municipal Code, Title 6.

Parking Enforcement Division

The Butte-Silver Bow Parking Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the parking laws and codes for the city-county of Butte-Silver Bow.

Weed Control Division

The efficient and economical management of weeds is a major factor in the production of all crops, cultivated, as well as rangeland. Noxious weeds are an economic and environmental problem requiring intensive long-term management. Education and cooperation, rather than enforcement, are and will be the key to the success of the weed management program. The objective of the Weed Board will be to control, contain, and in some cases, eradicate noxious weeds and to maintain a vigilance for new and potential invasions of noxious weeds into the county.

This program is supported by a tax levied throughout Butte-Silver Bow.

The control of noxious weeds in Butte-Silver Bow is of utmost importance. Please read the information provided below to identify weeds and learn more.

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