Stay Connected

Internet Access

Free internet access is available at all branches of the Butte Public Library. A library card is not required for computer use. Wireless access is also available at the main branch on W Broadway St. Visit the Library website for more information.

Many local shops, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and bars also offer complimentary wi-fi access.

Or you may just want to relax at your hotel when you need to access the internet. Most Butte hotels offer internet connections or wi-fi access.

Wi-Fi Access

In order to use wi-fi services, your laptop, smartphone, tablet or other device must be set up and enabled to do so, and you have to be within the area of an access point to the wi-fi service, often called a hotspot. In order to use a service, you may also need to obtain settings, such as a username or password, to properly set up your device.

Wi-fi providers often require WEP or WPA encryption. If required, you will need to enter the encryption key (or password) to connect to the wi-fi network. Talk to an employee or look for a posted sign to get the encryption key.

The Butte Public Library offers free wi-fi access. So do many local shops, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and bars.

Post Office & Shipping

United States mailboxes are blue and are labeled U.S. MAIL. If you are sending mail to a U.S. address, don't forget to add the five-digit zip code after the two-letter abbreviation of the state to which you are sending the mail. The abbreviation for the State of Montana is MT, and Butte's zip code is 59701.

Most hotels will mail out cards and letters for their guests- ask about this service at your hotel's front desk.

In addition to mailboxes, Butte has two post office locations:

For further shipping services, you can inquire at the Butte UPS or FedEx offices:

Money Transfers

Western Union is one of the largest and most reliable telegram and money transfer services in the world, with offices in many locations.Visit the Western Union website for a list of locations offering Western Union services in Butte.

Telephones, Mobiles Devices & Cell Phones

Cities and regions within the U.S. are assigned three-digit area codes. With its small population, the entire State of Montana has only one area code: 406. Local phone numbers in the U.S. are seven digits long, and listed in the form NNN-NNNN. If you are calling outside of your current area, you will need to add the appropriate area code before the seven-digit local number.

If you need help finding a phone number, call 411 for the directory information service in the U.S. Dial 911 for all emergencies - 911 will connect you with appropriate police, fire and medical services. 911 is free to dial on all pay phones.

In the U.S. calls to area codes 800, 888, 877 and 866 are toll-free. However, calls to numbers in area codes 700 and 900 can be very expensive.

Most long distance and international calls can be made directly from any phone. For calls to the U.S. and Canada, simply dial 1 followed by the area code and seven-digital local number. For other international calls, dial 011, followed by the country code, and finally the telephone number of the person you are calling.

Common tips for saving time and money when making calls while you travel:

  • In-room phones at hotels often charge higher rates that are directly billed to your room account, so check before you dial and pay.
  • Pre-paid phone cards are widely available and can offer inexpensive phone service for travelers.
  • Courtesy phones and hotel front desks can be good options for local calls.
  • If you use a mobile or cell phone, check with your phone provider to make sure you will have service in the country you are traveling to. Some major cell phone service providers do not offer cell phone coverage in Montana, so you may pay extra roaming or other charges.