Environmental Health Program

Septic Permits and Information

Onsite Wastewater (Septic System) Process

The onsite wastewater program at the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department is designed to work with property owners to properly site septic systems.

The Butte-Silver Bow City-County Board of Health recognizes the importance of the proper treatment and disposal of wastewater. Improper treatment and disposal of wastewater plays an important role in the transmission of disease. Wastewater also contains many chemicals, which can adversely affect drinking water quality if disposed of improperly.

Proper treatment and disposal of wastewater is essential for preventing disease and protecting drinking water.

Septic Permits

Septic permits are required for any structure requiring wastewater disposal. The Environmental Health Division investigates complaints relating to violations of County Wastewater Regulations, DEQ Circular 4 and ARM 17.36. The Butte-Silver Bow Environmental Health Department regulates all onsite wastewater treatment systems in Butte-Silver Bow County.

The Environmental Health Department permits all wastewater treatment systems installed in Butte-Silver Bow County:

  • New systems for individual and multi-family living
  • Commercial development
  • Replacement systems
  • Altered systems
  1. John Rolich

    Environmental Health Division Manager
    Phone: (406)497-5027

  2. Jackie Thompson

    Registered Sanitarian
    Phone: (406) 497-5029

  3. Heather Shupe

    Sanitarian in Training
    Phone: (406) 497-5028

  4. Eliot Smith

    Phone: (406) 497-5026

The permitting process provides assurance that wastewater treatment systems are properly sited, installed, replaced and inspected in order to protect public health, surface and ground water.