Document Recording & Filing

Recording Standards

Times for Recording are from 8:00 AM to 4:10 PM, Monday through Friday.

The recording fee for documents meeting document standards is $8.00 per page (effective July 1, 2021). The fee for non-standard documents is the $8.00 per page plus $10.00.  

Standards for recorded documents -- exemptions.  Please see the most recent standards per 7-4-2636, MCA

The only document for recordation provided to the public is a Declaration of Homestead. All other forms or documents to be recorded will not be provided and must be obtained from  an outside source. Forms and templates can be found online or through an attorney or title company. 

All recordings that transfer real property (a parcel or parcels of land and everything that is permanently attached to the land) must be accompanied by a complete Realty Transfer Certificate.  

Realty Transfer Certificate (pdf)

If you have any questions regarding these document standards, please contact the Clerk & Recorder's Office at 406-497-6335.