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Superfund Designation in Butte

In 1983, Butte, Montana was declared a Federal Superfund Site.  The Superfund designation paved the way for remediation and restoration of the environment throughout western Montana damaged by a century of mining and smelting in Butte and Anaconda, Montana.

Many commonly think that the Berkeley Pit is the only Superfund site in Butte, but it is just one of many examples of areas receiving attention through Federal action.  Eight Operable Units including the Mine Flooding Unit exist in Butte and Silver Bow County.  

Butte & Silver Bow County Operable Units

Butte Priority Soils
Mine Flooding (Berkeley Pit)

Lower Area One

West Camp 

West Side Soils 

Montana Pole Treatment Plant

Rocker Timber

Rhone-Poulenc/Rhodia Site

Since 1983, over 600 acres of land have been remediated and reclaimed.  The remedy has removed waste, capped the sites with clean cover soil, and resulted in the planting of grass on nearly 600 acres of urban land.  Today, Butte-Silver Bow is responsible for the comprehensive management of reclaimed lands through our Superfund Program.

Environmental Restoration & Development 

In recent years, effort has been concentrated on the restoration of the Butte Hill including the planting native trees and flora, designating open spaces for historic interpretation and recreation, and better connecting the public to its transformed landscape.  

Superfund Advisory and Redevelopment Trust Authority

Superfund Commentary

Superfund Land Management Program

Each spring, Butte-Silver Bow staff inventory sites to determine maintenance tasks for the year including garbage collection, fence repair and sign replacement.

In addition to routine O&M, objective consultants evaluate the success of the remedy and provide recommendations for improving vegetative cover and minimizing erosion's effects on land.

Storm Water Management Program

Metro Sewer is responsible for the daily maintenance of Superfund storm water management system. Their charge is to monitor storm drains and remove sediments and debris from inlets, pipes and other conveyances. In addition to these projects, BSB crews respond to heavy storm events and assist with construction projects throughout the City-County.

Residential Metals Abatement Program

Designed to mitigate BPSOU and Attic Dust Area resident exposure to the potentially harmful effects of lead, arsenic, and mercury, the RMAP program samples residential soils, paint, attic dust and indoor dust; performs blood lead sampling; educates the public, contractors and realtors about the effects of exposure; and abates properties where samples exceed action levels.

For more information, please visit the Health Department's Environmental Health Program webpage. 

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