Basin Creek Edible Food Forest

The Basin Creek Edible Food Forest is an ongoing project to establish Butte's very first public edible food forest in Basin Creek Park. Part of this project was made possible with funding from the 2021 Innovation Grant in which Butte-Silver Bow was awarded. By time of completion, the forest will consist of various fruit trees, along with additional edible shrubs and plants. The forest floor will be covered with Arborist woodchips which will help prevent the growth of wild grass and various weeds, as well as hold moisture that is crucial to the forest's success and fruit production.

Pictured below is the current layout for the edible forest. In time, other edible species will be added to open areas. 

If you are interested in seeing the current list of species planned, click here!BasinCreekForestMapPlan

Updates on the project will be posted here as well as on the Butte-Silver Bow Arborist social media pages listed below:

BSB Arborist Facebook Page

BSB Arborist Instagram Page