Housing Plan Update


Butte-Silver bow is in the process of developing an updated Housing Plan. The city-county has contracted with SCJ Alliance, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, which specializes in land use planning and landscape architecture, and has experience with creating housing assessments and action plans.

  • Vibrant neighborhoods are the key to successful housing development and to the delivery of associated support services.
  • Economic diversity within neighborhoods helps to impede the cycle of poverty.
  • Housing needs should be addressed in the context of overall community and economic development.
  • Housing development in Butte should be undertaken in a manner that is sensitive to the city’s nationally significant architectural and cultural resources.
  • The development of housing should reflect sound urban planning practices, such as reducing sprawl, promoting walkability, and creating sustainable neighborhoods.

March 20-21, 2023: Stakeholder Interviews

April 2023: Community Survey (available online and paper copies)

May to August 2023: Housing Committee meeting series

May 2, 2023: Housing Vision public workshop, Butte Brewing and Pizza Company

July to September 2023: Consultant to Draft Housing Plan

August/September 2023: Rollout Workshop to present draft plan and policies to the public, and to discuss implementation and monitoring of the housing plan

October to December 2023: Housing Plan adoption process (presentation of the draft plan to the Planning Commission, public hearing with Council of Commissioners)

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