What do I Need To Bring?

We ask that you please be prepared when you come into our offices:

Please bring your Montana drivers license/ID. For all title transfers, please also bring a copy/picture of any additional owners' IDs if they are not accompanying you (we have to have photo ID for every owner who will be listed on the title). If you do not have a Montana ID, you will be asked for a valid photo ID AND proof of residency. You can find more details about proof of residency requirements in the dark blue menu to the left of this page (at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device).  

We will need an actual, physical, original title for any vehicle you are trying to transfer. We cannot take a photocopy of a title, a memorandum title, or a copy of a registration in order to transfer ownership. For questions regarding out-of-state title transfers, please see the dark blue menu to the left of this page (bottom of the page on a mobile device).

If you are just renewing a registration, it is most helpful if you bring us the license plate number for the vehicle. The last six digits of the vehicle's VIN can also be used. We are able to look up vehicles by the registered owner's name as well, but this is sometimes more time consuming.

If you are renewing a heavy vehicle with a GVW over 54,000 we will need your IRS Form 2290 showing that the heavy highway taxes have already been paid for that vehicle. We cannot renew your registration without it.