Permanent Registration

To register your vehicle permanently: 

Qualifying vehicles are 11 years or older. So, this year, 2021, all 2010 vehicles are now eligible. If you are late to renew your registration from the previous year, then you will not qualify until last year's registration is paid. Fees for permanently registering a vehicle vary based on the value, weight, etc., but you can estimate the cost as being roughly three times the total of an annual renewal. You cannot choose permanent registration when renewing online, so you will need to come into one of our offices to do this. 

Heavy vehicles are not eligible for permanent registration. Anything larger than a 1 ton pickup cannot be made permanent. The exception to this rule is motorhomes, which can be made permanent according to the same rules listed above. 

Trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles all receive permanent registrations automatically, regardless of age.