Out of State Title Transfer

If you have not yet gotten a Montana drivers license/ID, please be prepared to show proof of residency.

If you own your vehicle outright, please bring us the existing title for the vehicle and a photo ID for yourself and any other owners listed on the title. Even if one of the co-owners of the vehicle does not live in Montana, we will need to see a copy/picture of their ID in order to create a customer account for them.

If you have recently moved to Montana and you have financing on your vehicle, you may need to submit a formal request to your lender to have your out-of-state title sent to one of our offices in order to obtain a Montana title/registration. There is a specific form provided by the State of Montana to make this request. 

You will need to download and complete the Request for Foreign Title Transfer (MV63)download as pdf and fax it to your lender. 

The "Secured Party Name and Address" at the top of the form refers to your lender's name and address. 

On the "Applicant Name" line, it is helpful to include the names of all owners currently on the title of the vehicle. 

The vehicle's year, make/model, and VIN are all required information. (Your existing registration or your loan packet should have this information.)

In the box in the center of the form, you will need to enter in the name and address of the office you would like your title work sent to. The addresses for our office is:  

Butte-Silver Bow Treasurer - Motor Vehicles
155 W Granite St, Room 206
Butte, MT 59701 

The "Special Mailing Authorization" section of the form is for your lender- they will use this form to specify whether they would like your new Montana title sent to them once it is issued. You do not have to fill out this section yourself. 

You, the vehicle owner, do not have to submit the $4.12 filing fee at the time that you send this form. The filing fee is most often paid by the bank. In the event that they do not pay the filing fee in advance, it will be included in your title and registration fees later on. 

At the bottom of the form you will need to sign, in addition to supplying your driver's license number, your current mailing address, and your phone number. 

When the form is completed, we recommend that you fax it to your lender. This is generally the fastest way to get your lender to start working on your title transfer. It also allows you to call your lender the same day that you send this request, to confirm that they received your information. 

Once you have sent your request to your lender, we recommend contacting them again before you come into one of our offices to verify with them which office they sent the paperwork to, and how long ago it was sent. They will frequently be able to give you tracking information for your title packet once it is sent.