Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Place Types Map

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Butte-Silver Bow officially adopted its Comprehensive Plan in 2020.  Much has changed throughout the community, the region, and the state since the last policy was adopted in 2008 – the local and state-wide economy looks different, attitudes on housing and transportation continue to evolve, and Butte-Silver Bow is poised to re-envision its future as a leader in these conversations.  Given its central location, storied history, proximity to major growth centers and the outdoor recreation and conservation opportunities that abound, Butte-Silver Bow is flush with opportunity.  The Comprehensive Plan aims to harness that opportunity by re-envisioning Butte-Silver Bow’s future with you – its residents – at the helm!

Placetypes Framework

The Butte-Silver Bow Comprehensive Plan uses a Placetype Framework to plan for the future of the City and the County. These placetypes are based on the character of existing landscapes, changes over the recent past, and future projections for optimum land use. This approach differs from the conventional use-based approach to future land use mapping that has been used for decades and falls short of acknowledging the big picture, character, and changes in areas. Placetypes inspire a more comprehensive, sensitive, and effective place-based approach to future growth in the county. They intend to facilitate the development and redevelopment of a durable, attractive, resource-efficient and well-designed city and county. 

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