Growth Policy

Butte-Silver Bow Comprehensive Plan Public Review Draft Now Available

BSB Growth Policy Update Public Review Draft (01APR2020)


Butte-Silver Bow is beginning the process to update the City-County Growth Policy.  A lot has changed throughout the region and the state since the last policy was adopted in 2008 – the local and state-wide economy looks different, attitudes on housing and transportation continue to evolve, and Butte-Silver Bow is poised to re-envision its future as a leader in these conversations.  Given its central location, storied history, proximity to major growth centers and the outdoor recreation and conservation opportunities that abound, Butte-Silver Bow is flush with opportunity.  The growth policy update will seek to harness that opportunity by re-envisioning Butte-Silver Bow’s future with you – its residents – at the helm!

How To Get Involved

The growth policy update process is an opportunity for residents of Butte-Silver Bow to have a stake and a say in the future of your community.  In the coming weeks and months we will be hosting a series of public meetings and events in Butte and throughout the county.  These meetings will be aimed at gathering public input on the existing growth policy, its vision for the City-County and the policies in place to move that vision forward.  A community survey will be launched after the first of the year to gain additional insight into the future of Butte-Silver Bow, and in late January/early February there will be an opportunity for residents to participate in visioning sessions to provide direction and determine the future growth and development aspirations of the City-County moving forward.  Check this website and the City-County Facebook page  for more information on upcoming opportunities to participate in the process – we will be updating both regularly.  For more information about the update process, please contact:

BSB Planning Department
Lori Casey

Project Update

Planning Week – February 11-14th, 2019

The County hosted the consultant team updating Butte Silver Bow’s Growth Policy in early February for an intensive week of public outreach aimed at prioritizing community values and determining the future of the County and its residents.  The week consisted of stakeholder meetings, workshops and open ‘office’ hours at the City-County building, where the consultant team was stationed and actively working on the growth policy update while onsite.  These activities were planned to build upon the stakeholder roundtables held in November 2018 as well as preliminary feedback from the community survey. The following workshops were held as part of Butte Silver Bow’s Planning Week, in addition to a community meeting held in Melrose on January 15, 2019:

  • Monday, February 11th - Ramsay Community Workshop
  • Tuesday, February 12th – Uptown Butte Community Workshop 
  • Wednesday, February 13th – ACT Early Bird Class Discussion
  • Wednesday, February 13th – The Flats Community Workshop 
  • Thursday, February 14th – Butte Young Professionals Brown Bag Lunch Discussion

The community survey was closed on February 22nd after being open for comment for a total of four weeks.  At the time the survey was closed, 420 responses had been collected; this is in addition to a number of responses submitted in hard copy format.  The survey responses are currently being tallied and will be made available to the public once compilation is complete.  Survey results and analysis along with a draft vision statement and planning policies will be presented to the Butte Silver Bow Planning Board on April 25th, 2019.  Plan drafting will commence following this meeting, with further outreach planned for later this summer.

Additional Documents:

Initial Findings Report

Community Visioning