Urban Forestry

The mission362671748_616124460621520_4958277498399624136_n of the Butte-Silver Bow Arborist is to improve the practice of tree preservation, to stimulate a greater interest in the planting and preservation of trees, to cooperate in the conservation of trees and in the beautification of the landscape, to initiate and foster scientific investigation into insect and disease problems of the region’s trees, to disseminate information, and instruction and knowledge to the public concerning tree preservation.

• Butte has about 7,200 trees in city parks and along streets.
• Trees in Butte are worth almost $5,000,000.
• Butte trees account for about $35,000 in energy savings annually.
• Butte trees remove about 50,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from the air annually.
• The most common species in Butte are Douglas Fir (17.1%), Aspen (15.5%), and Common Chokecherry (12.9%).
• Butte’s street trees provide more than $345,000 in annual benefits (about $78 per tree).


Butte Tree Planting Guide/Species Recommendations

Click here for a step-by-step tree planting guide! 

For a list of current tree recommendations for the Butte area, please click here.

Do you have a tree that you want inspected due to various concerns? Report A Tree here!

For detailed information regarding tree planting and maintenance requirements, check out Butte-Silver Bow's Tree Ordinances here.

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