Maps & Related Data

Base Map Data

Base map data was digitized from 1989 and 1991 photography by Horizon Inc. This data has not been field checked by Butte-Silver Bow GIS. Changes occurring after the date of photography may or may not be reflected in the base map.

Section lines were originally from United States Geological Survey (USGS) 1:24,000 Digital Line Graph (DLG) data and have been upgraded in some of the Urban Area by GPS points obtained from Tera West and Butte-Silver Bow GIS.


Growth policy boundaries were digitized by Butte-Silver Bow GIS from 1985. The growth policy map is altered according to growth policy changes and the 2008 update. Inaccuracies are known to exist. Any decisions as to land use should be made from the Butte-Silver Bow County Growth Policy - 2008 Update and Zoning Ordinances themselves. No liability will be assumed by the Butte-Silver Bow government for decisions based on determinations made exclusively from this map.

Parks, Trails and Outdoor Recreation Maps

Commissioner District Maps

Zoning Classifications in Urban Butte

Butte-Silver Bow Growth Policy

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