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Please contact voter registration/election administration with any other questions or concerns.  Our phone number is 406-497-6344 or email clerkrec@bsb.mt.gov.

Links to Montana Campaign Regulations


A sample ballot for your precinct is available on the My Voter Page.

If you don’t know your precinct, legislative district, or commissioner, you can go to My Voter Page to get that information.


Call, email, or stop by our office to see if you are registered to vote or if you are still on the Absentee ballot list.  You can check your status at My Voter Page through the Secretary of State

You can use the Change Absentee Ballot Status form to receive an absentee ballot for a specific election, add or remove your name from the annual absentee ballot list, designate someone to pickup your ballot, or request a ballot due to a health emergency.

You can track when we mail your ballot and when we receive and process your ballot with the MVP application which you can download to your phone or computer. This application is available in the right hand column of this page or by going to sos.mt.gov.

My Voter Page (MVP) – This will work on  Android or Apple phones. It is also available for your computer.  If you would like to know your precinct, your voting status (active or inactive), the status of your absentee ballot, the last time you voted, download this app.  Search “my Voter page Montana”.  

Montana Voter Forms 

Register to Vote 

Absentee Ballot Application

Federal Post Card Application for absent military and overseas citizens

Where to Vote

  • For primary (June) and general (November) elections, voters living in Rocker, Ramsay, Divide, or Melrose will vote in their respective city.   Voters with questions or problems should contact the Clerk & Recorder’s office. The hours for these polling places are 12 pm- 8 pm 
  • In Butte, voting takes place at Butte Civic Center. Please contact the Clerk & Recorder’s office with questions or problems.
  • Voters living outside of the city limits who are unsure what precinct they are in should check with the Clerk & Recorder’s Office to see where they should vote.
  • For information on obtaining an absentee ballot or precinct information, please call 406-497-6342.


  • Precincts 1 through 22 vote at the Butte Civic Center 
  • Precincts 19W, 26E and 26W vote in Rocker
  • Precincts 27N and 27S vote in Ramsay
  • Precinct 28 votes in Divide
  • Precinct 29 votes in Melrose

Voting Hours

  • For the Butte Civic Center the polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.
  • Rocker, Ramsay, Divide, and Melrose polls open at noon and close at 8 p.m.

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