Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Partial List of Data Available from GIS

The following data is available in digital and interactive mapping services located at the Maps & Related Data section of the GIS Department webpage:

  • Zoning and urban district boundaries.
  • Public utilities (water mains, sanitary and storm sewer lines)
  • Administrative and political boundaries (precincts and commissioner districts)

Data Available from the Land Records Department at Butte-Silver Bow:

  • Ownership and deeds
  • Plats maps
  • Certificate of surveys
  • Mining claims
  • Property legal descriptions

Data Available from the Planning Department at Butte-Silver Bow:

  • General ordinances and zoning 
  • Building permits
  • Building codes & code enforcement
  • Address assignment and inquiry

Other Data Sources referenced outside of Butte-Silver Bow through partnering agencies: