Water Service for Rental Properties

Signing for Water Service

Tenants may be allowed to sign for water service if each unit has a separate service line, provided the curb box and curb cock are in working order and accessible to Water Utility Division employees. Before a tenant signs for service, a notice of occupancy form must be completed and submitted by the owner of the property or the property manager. The notice includes the name(s) of the person(s) renting the property, the date the tenants(s) are responsible for service, and the property address.

The owner or the property manager must sign, provide the owner's / property manager's mailing address, phone number, name, and date of signature. A tenant is not allowed to sign for service without this completed form. Once the owner has allowed the tenant to enter into a contract with us, the tenant will be able to cancel service at any time.


If there is a discrepancy in the date of cancelled service, the owner and tenant will make arrangement with one another to resolve the problem. To avoid problems for the tenants because their name is not on the notice of occupancy form, please put the names of all the occupants on the form (especially when college students are the renters).