Starting, Stopping, or Changing Water Service

Starting or Stopping Service

Please provide at least 24-hour notice prior to the time you want the water turned off or on. Someone must be at the property to meet our service staff. There is a form that needs to be signed by the owner of the property or the owner's representative before we can turn the water off or on.

New Customers

All applications for service must be made at our office when there is a change of ownership or tenancy at a property as per Butte-Silver Bow Ordinance Number 431.

Only the person(s) named on the deed of the property or the tenant(s) named on the notice of occupancy can sign for service. Identification is required. If you have not had service in the last 12 months, or had service and were delinquent, you will need to pay a credit deposit. The deposit is equivalent to two months of the water bill's annual charge at this residence or a minimum deposit as determined by the office manager.


The person(s) named on the account is responsible for notifying the water utility of the move out date. Please contact us a few days before you move so we can take the necessary stops to complete your final bill. We will need your new address and phone number. If you are the owner and wish to have the water turned off, please contact our office. If you are the tenant of the property, the bill will transfer to the owner. We are unable to make adjustments for late notification.