Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives

The Archives Mission

The Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives was established in 1981 by ordinance to maintain the non-current records of the city-county of Butte-Silver Bow. Given the significant industrial, political, and social history of Butte in the American West, the government records and archival holdings are in great demand by scholars, authors, and genealogists. The mission of the Archives is to:

  • Be the official repository for all non-current government records of Butte-Silver Bow
  • Acquire, maintain, and preserve historical documents, photographs, and manuscripts pertaining to Butte history
  • Provide public access to the documents and manuscript collections at the Archives
  • Work with educators to enhance the classroom experience
  • Provide service to the preservation community of Butte-Silver Bow

The Archives also accepts collections, manuscripts, and photographs from individuals, groups, schools, and organizations. The collections run the gamut from individual memorabilia to major historical documents donated by individuals, fraternal and sororal organizations, schools, and businesses.

The Archives provides and encourages public access to its unique holdings. People come away from the Archives with a new-found appreciation of history and the significance of preserving the documents and manuscripts that tell the story of Butte and, through its significant impact, the world.

The town grew on the side of The Hill 
and it was Butte all at once, out of the copper womb

~ Richard K. O'Malley