Youth Court


Courthouse, Room 410
155 W. Granite St.
Butte, MT 59701


406) 497-6383

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The Youth Court Probation department personnel are employees of the State of Montana, under the direction of the State Supreme Court and are supervised locally by the District Court Judges of the Second Judicial District. The Youth Court Probation Office receives referrals primarily from law enforcement agencies for violations of the law by citizens under the age of eighteen. Referrals range from curfew, truancy, and runaway to more serious misdemeanor and felony violations of the law.
Name Title Email Phone
Bilteen, Tom Youth Court   406-497-6378
Briggs, Jennifer Youth Court   406-497-6381
Davidson, DeeDee Youth Court   406-497-6376
DuPuis, Jim Youth Court   406-497-6377
English, Katie Youth Court   406-497-6379
Whitlock, Jeremy Youth Court   406-497-6380
Briggs, Jennifer Chief Juvenile Probation Officer    
Whitlock, Jeremey Deputy Juvenile Probation Officer    
Pesanti, Austin Deputy Juvenile Probation Officer    
Christensen, MacKenzie Juvenile Probation Officer    
Davidson, Dee Dee Administrative Assistant