Animal Services


699 Centennial Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

(406) 497-6525

Link: Animal Services Department

The Animal Services Department is open during the week to assist the public with animal-related issues, and is available to handle all phone calls for the Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter.
Name Title Email Phone
Casagranda, Jaclyn "Jacki" Animal Shelter Director (406) 497-6528
Antonioli, Tasha Animal Shelter Staff 406-497-6528
Hockaday, Dorothy Animal Shelter Staff (406) 497-6528
Hogart, Lynette Animal Shelter Staff (406) 497-6528
Jemmings, Colin Animal Shelter Staff (406) 497-6528
Maguire, Mary Ann Animal Control Officer (406) 497-6527
Montoya, Julie Administrative Assistant (406) 497-6526
Randall, Ed Director (406) 497-6529
Santifer, JD Animal Control Officer (406) 497-6527
Wilcox, Mark   (406) 497-6473
Ingenthron, Ruby Volunteer Coordinator 406-497-6528
McCarthy, Devin Animal Control Officer   406-497-6474