Dan Olsen

Council of Commissioners
Title: Commissioner, District 5
Phone: (406) 494-8392
District 5 Map
Dan Olsen

Name: Dan Olsen

How long have you lived in Butte-Silver Bow: Born, raised and lifelong resident.

What Commissioner District do you Represent and how long have you lived in that district: I represent Commissioner District #5.  Our family has lived in the District since 1982.

How long have you been in office? I was appointed to the office on March 8, 2017 and sworn in on March 10, 2017

Why did you run for public office?When former commissioner Dennis Henderson passed away, his position was open for appointment.  I spoke with several trusted friends and some of the current commissioners who I know, they suggested that I should take a look at throwing my hat in the ring.  I’m also a person who attempts learn both sides of an issue before taking a position. I’ve served on other volunteer organizations boards, so I thought I might add my view to the discussion.

What Committees do you sit on? As of April of 2017, I serve on the Public Works, Economic Development and Personnel standing committees.  I’m also a board member of the Friends of the Urban Forest Board.

What initiatives/policies will you focus on over the course of your term? Since I’m a “new guy”, the first order of business is to get to understand how the Council of Commissioners does business.  I’m happy to be appointed to the Public Works and Economic Development committees because several of my “public” interests lie in those areas.  I also need to learn what issues my constituents feel are important and their views on those issues.  At this time I can’t say I have a specific agenda, but my agenda more learning what is needed and where I can help.

Over the next four years, what do you see are Butte-Silver Bow’s most important challenges and how would like to address them:  Economic Development of the Butte economy is both challenging and important.  Growth that will benefit the residents of the county is a rising tide that will lift all boats.  We also have some serious issues related to both social well-being of the less fortunate and the ongoing environmental cleanup of our hometown Superfund Site.  There are ongoing issues related to public infrastructure and maintenance.   We need to build Butte so that more folks see why we love to live in the Mining City – reborn.

What do you hope to get out of your time serving the public? A feeling of contributing positively to our community.  I hope that I can contribute by my “unique” point of view and experience. 

What makes your district unique? My District is unique because of its both rural and suburban residents.  It also encompasses the southern end of Harrison Avenue, the Basin Creek water supply and the Industrial Park.  Our needs are different than the more urban areas. 

What is the best way for a constituent to reach you? I prefer that residents contact me at my home phone number which is 494-8392 or my commissioner email address: dolsen@bsb.mt.gov

Do you prefer Pasty or Pork Chop Sandwich? I only eat vegetarian.  Beef and Pork were vegetarians in their past weren’t they?

If you were stranded on a desert Island, what three items would you bring with you? Books, matches and a Satellite phone to call 911.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your constituents to know about you? I like to think that I’m open minded.  I need to hear and understand all sides of an issue before I can make an educated decision.  My “book learning” is more on the STEM side of the line, so I deal only with facts and not “talk-radio opinions without facts”.  I have no time or patience with folks who oppose an issue, but offer no solution to the root cause of the problem.  I subscribe to the quote from Eldridge Cleaver “You either have to be part of the solution, or you're going to be part of the problem.”  Let’s solve the cause of the problem . . . ignoring the symptoms will not make the problem disappear. 


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