Brendan McDonough

Council of Commissioners
Title: Commissioner, District 8
Phone: (406) 498-3983
District 8 Map
Brendan McDonough

Name: Brendan McDonough

How long have you lived in Butte-Silver Bow: 41 Years.

What Commissioner District do you Represent and how long have you lived in that district: District #8, I am a lifelong resident of the district.

How long have you been in office: I have been in office for four years, I am just beginning my second term.

Why did you run for public office: I love this city and roots run deep here. I feel it's more effective to get involved than to stand on the sidelines. I want to make Butte a place we are all proud to call home.

What Committees do you sit on: Economic Development, Judiciary, Public Works, Bert Mooney Airport Authority and the Ramsy TIFID

What initiatives/policies will you focus on over the course of your term: Economic Development, Community Decay, Infrastructure, Historic Preservation and Environmental Clean-up.

Over the next four years, what do you see are Butte-Silver Bow’s most important challenges and how would you like to address them: I think economic development is the most important issue we face because it drives the majority of our decisions. While the government does not directly drive private investment, our decisions at the courthouse can positively impact job growth and investment.

What do you hope to get out of your time serving the public: I want to work for the for the people of Butte to make sure we get the results we all deserve. We have major hurdles to deal with, but together we need to stay the course

What makes your district unique: District 8 is historic with an aged housing stock and infrastructure. It is the core of central Butte and needs investment, infrastructure and neighborhood re-development.

How can a constituent reach you: I am always available by either email or phone


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