Cindy Perdue-Dolan

Council of Commissioners
Title: Commissioner, District 1
Phone: (406) 491-2200

Name: Cindy Perdue-Dolan

How long have you lived in Butte-Silver Bow:
26 years.

What Commissioner District do you Represent and how long have you lived in that district: District #1, for 16 years.

How long have you been in office: Two years.

Why did you run for public office: I ran to give back to the people of Butte. I want to help this city-county grow and prosper. The folks here were not only kind, but accepting to a young gal from Boston, MA. Now, 26 years later, Butte is my home, I’m married and raising my family!  I also had a lot of questions about where our money was going, how it’s divided up, etc.  I thought – if I have these questions, I’m sure there are others who have the same questions, too.

What Committees do you sit on: This year I was assigned to the Economic Development (vice-chair), Judiciary, and Personnel committees.

What initiatives/policies will you focus on over the course of your term: I will focus on policies that help Butte, grow – economic development.  Also, I want to focus on environmental cleanup – especially the Berkeley Pit. I truly believe those critical issues are not mutually exclusive.

Over the next four years, what do you see are Butte-Silver Bow’s most important challenges and how would you like to address them: As stated above, those two issues are critical and not mutually exclusive. We need to continue economic development in order to bring new companies to our city and county.  However, in order to do that successfully, we need to demand that the EPA make the cleanup of our town their TOP priority. I believe working with the new administration will be very productive.  

What do you hope to get out of your time serving the public: One should never go into public service with the intention of “getting” anything -  except wonderful relationships and knowledge. More importantly, this is my first foray into public service and first as a BSB commissioner. I hope that my service will serve as an example – so others will conclude that public service is inherently good. Also, I hope people will understand that asking questions is not just reserved for people in the media!  Finally, I want people to know that during my short tenure as a commissioner, the old adage it entirely true... "One person can make a difference!"  Hopefully, Butte will benefit because I have served her well.

What makes your district unique: District 1 is a diverse collection of families and small businesses. They are what make this section of Butte special.  Also, we are fortunate enough to have many who are engaged in the process and are willing to voice their opinions!

How can a constituent reach you: My favorite way to engage with people is to talk with them on the phone. If you like that, too, give me a call. Otherwise, you can send me a letter or an email.  

Do you prefer Pasty or Pork Chop Sandwich: Now that’s a tough one. Both, but, it certainly depends on the day or the occasion!  I must say I enjoy the cocktail-size pasty and a pork chop with cheese, mustard and lettuce! 

If you were stranded on a desert Island, what three items would you bring with you: Oh my…I would bring a Bible, a swiss army knife, and a hand-crank radio!   (I’d pray for a quick rescue, a bit of craftiness, and hopefully a radio station!)

Is there anything else you would like to tell your constituents: My mother was my greatest role model, she always told me that I could do anything I wanted to do – no matter what! I overcame many hurdles. But, they were a little easier thanks to her tough love.  Sadly, she died just months before I became a BSB County Commissioner. One of her best lessons? Her favorite quote:  “… to thine own self be true.”    W. Shakespeare   

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