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  1. Should the dog ban in Butte parks be lifted?

    Let us know what you think!

    Jan 16, 2014 by Justin Ringsak (10 points)

    11Votes Up 0Votes Down 10Comments

  2. Suggestions for Activities Using Butte's Trails and Parks?

    Butte-Silver Bow is fortunate to be rich in trails, both urban and scenic, and parks. What are some community activities that would make good use of our trails and parks? One past example is the Butte...

    Dec 31, 2013 by Justin Ringsak (10 points)

    2Votes Up 0Votes Down 2Comments

  3. Stop Animal Cruelty at Evel Knievel Days!

    Use of drugged mountain lion as an obstacle in the downhill race course is cruel and inhumane; indeed, that poor cat needs to be seized by authorities and surrendered to a big cat sanctuary. See...

    Aug 5, 2014 by Dr. Michelle Lemley (5 points)

    0Votes Up 1Votes Down 2Comments


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