Candidate Information - 2016 Election Cycle

Find up to date information on becoming a candidate for the 2016 Election Cycle in Butte-Silver Bow. Below you will find a list of offices up for election, deadlines, filing fees and forms required to get your name on the ballot for the next election. Additionally, please reference the The Montana Secretary of State's Election Calendar which has important election related dates, deadlines and useful information for candidates.

The window for candidates to file their candidacy is January 14 – March 14, 2016. All forms and payment must be submitted in person to the Butte-Silver Bow Clerk and Recorder, 
155 W. Granite Street, Room 208, Butte, Montana 59701, by 5:00 p.m. on March 14, 2016.

Office, Filing Fees, and Required Forms for Candidacy in Butte-Silver Bow 2016 Elections:

Assessor - $361.58*
Required Forms for Assessor

Auditor - $361.58*
Required Forms for Auditor

Chief Executive - $528.07*
Required Forms for Chief Executive

City Judge - $361.58*
Required Forms for City Judge

Clerk & Recorder - $372.54*
Required Forms for Clerk & Recorder

Clerk of District Court - $361.58*
Required Forms for Clerk of District Court

Council of Commissioners' Seats - $32.99*
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 8
District 12
Required Forms for a Council of Commissioners' Seat

County Attorney - $558.27*
Required Forms for County Attorney

Coroner - $180.79*
Required Forms for Coroner

Justice Court #2 - $361.58*
Required Forms for Justice Court #2

Mile High Conservation District - No Fee
Required Forms for Mile High Conservation District

Precinct Person - No Fee
Required Forms for a Precinct Person

Public Administrator - $15.00
Required Forms for Public Administrator

Sheriff - $413.60*
Required Forms for Sheriff

Superintendent of Schools - $361.58*
Required Forms for Superintendent of Schools

Treasurer - $361.58*
Required Forms for Treasurer

Please note, as per the Butte-Silver Bow Charter, Section 5.02: You must be a qualified elector of the City-County for at least one (1) year prior to filing for your candidacy. 
Per Section 4.01 of the Butte-Silver Bow Charter, if you intend to file for a seat on the Council of Commissioners, in addition to being a qualified elector in the City-County for one (1) year, you must also have resided in that specific council district for no less than six (6) months prior to filing for your candidacy. Please reference the Butte-Silver Bow Charter to read the full ordinances.

*Candidates for these offices are required to complete and submit C-5 Candidate Campaign Finance Reports. The Montana Commission of Political Practices will require multiple submissions of this report. Submissions of this report in the past have been one or two weeks prior to the primary election, one or two weeks after the primary election, one or two weeks before the general election, and one or two weeks after the general election. At this time, the Montana Commission of Political Practices has not finalized C-5 submission dates. Please check this space periodically for updates on submission dates for the 2016 Election Cycle.   

For further information on elections and election practices, please visit the Montana Secretary of State's Election Page, the Butte-Silver Bow Voting and Elections Page, or call the Butte-Silver Bow Clerk & Recorder's Office at (406) 497-6342.