1. Business Listings

    View business and attraction listings for the Butte-Silver Bow area.

  2. Butte Local Development Corporation

    The Butte Local Development Corporation (BLDC) is the designated lead economic development entity for Butte-Silver Bow.

  3. Butte-Silver Bow Community & Business Development

    Official website of the Butte-Silver Bow Community Development Office. Industrial TIF District, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), Urban Revitalization Agency (URA)/Renovation and Revitalization Agency (RRA), and the Business Development Center are all available to your business to help make relocation to Butte-Silver Bow a success.

  4. Chamber of Commerce

    Visit the Butte-Silver Bow Chamber of Commerce website.

  5. Montana Connections Business Development Park

    The official website of the Montana Connections Business Development Park, the strategic place for businesses and industries seeking to expand their reach and add capacity. Categorized as a mega park, Montana Connections offers ample land and industry-friendly zoning in a magnificent location in the foothills of the Montana Rockies.

  6. Planning & Development

    Information about planning and development in Butte, including standards, relevant regulations and building codes.

    1. Building & Code Enforcement Office

      Learn about the Building and Code Enforcement Office.

    2. Community Development

      Read about area community development.

    3. Planning Department

      Connect with the Butte-Silver Bow Planning Department

    4. Superfund Advisory & Redevelopment Trust Authority

      The Superfund Advisory and Redevelopment Trust Authority.

    5. Urban Revitalization Agency

      Browse information about the Urban Revitalization Agency.

  7. Port of Montana

    The Port of Montana, located in the heart of Southwestern Montana, is a strategic gateway to rail and highway distribution. By leveraging a central location, railroad and interstate connections in combination with transportation expertise, the Port provides customers with a specialized business solution at the lowest cost.

  8. Requests for Bids, Proposals and Quotes

    View current requests for bids, proposals, quotes, and contracted services from Butte-Silver Bow.

  9. Running a Business in Butte

    Helpful information and assistance for current Butte business owners.

    1. Business Licenses & Permits

      Information about business licenses and related permits in Butte.

    2. Starting a Business in Butte

      Information and assistance for starting a new business in Butte.