Learn About

  1. Big Butte Open Space Recreation Area

  2. Butte's Landfill

    Learn about Butte-Silver Bow solid waste services, including the Butte landfill and recycling programs.

  3. Butte's Public Library

    Read about the Public Library.

  4. Council of Commissioners FAQ

  5. Council of Commissioners Rules and Procedures

    Learn about the Council of Commissioners, including rules and procedures for Council meetings and process, how to participate and submit public comments, and procedures for public hearings.

  6. Council Standing Committees

    Learn about the standing committees of the Butte-Silver Bow Council of Commissioners.

  7. Crime Prevention Programs

    Get information about crime prevention programs.

  8. Department of Revenue

    Visit the department's website.

  9. Emergency Preparedness

    Learn about emergency preparedness planning and other emergency services from the Butte-Silver Bow Office of Emergency Management.

  10. Health Department Programs

    Browse various Health Department programs.

  11. Justice Courts

    Get information about the BSB Justice Courts.

  12. Neighborhood Planning

    Learn about current Butte-Silver Bow neighborhood plans, and how your neighborhood can get involved in the process.

  13. Public Meetings & Community Events

    View public meetings and other government and community events in Butte.

  14. Recycling in Butte

    Learn about recycling programs and businesses in Butte.

  15. Road Standards

    Learn about standards for roads in Butte-Silver Bow on the Public Works Roads & Bridges Division page, and find more details about standards in the Road Division Standard Drawings document.

  16. Snow Removal Requirements

    Read snow removal requirements from the Butte-Silver Bow Municipal Code.

  17. Subdivision Exemptions

    Learn about and apply for subdivision exemptions for certain types of development, a service of the Planning Department.

  18. Thompson Park Recreation Area

    Learn about Thompson Park, an outdoor recreational gem at the south edge of Butte, including trail maps and history.

  19. Visiting Butte

  20. Voting, Elections & Campaign Regulations

  21. Water Service for Rental Properties

    Learn about water services for rental properties in Butte-Silver Bow.

  22. Weed Control

    See information about the Weed Control Board.

  23. Winter Road Maintenance

    Learn about winter road maintenance schedules and routes in Butte-Silver Bow.

  24. Schools

    Learn about schools in Butte-Silver Bow county.