Big Butte Task Force

In April of 2004, with the backing of Chief Executive Judy Jacobson, 13 citizens were appointed to the initial Big Butte Task Force to coordinate the process of bringing the Big Butte area into public ownership. The Task Force has since become a neighborhood coalition that aids in the ongoing protection and maintenance of the Big Butte hill and surrounding area.

The site, located at the northwest edge of Butte, came into public ownership in 2005 through a grant from the Natural Resource Damages Program (NRDP) of the Montana Department of Justice in order to protect the resource from motor vehicle degradation and monitor the long term restoration of flora and fauna.

Meetings are held on an ad-hoc basis. Contact Julia Crain for more information.

Agendas & Minutes
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  • Ted Bury
  • Joe Chelini
  • Julia CrainBig Butte hill with the famous M in Butte, Montana. Photo by Shelly Jones.
  • Kriss Douglas
  • Rick Douglas
  • Steve Furry
  • Benny Finnicum
  • Jay Fortune
  • Joe Giffin
  • Tom Malloy
  • Rich Merritt
  • Rocko Mulcahy
  • Commissioner Dave Palmer
  • Mike Ralliis (alternate)
  • Jim Rosa
  • Jon Sesso
  • Dori Skrukrud
  • Mike Stickney
  • Sherry Vogel
  • Alan Voss
  • John Walden