About Us

Park Acquisition

The City-County of Butte-Silver Bow provides a variety of park land designed, owned, and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department that range from sports parks to natural areas. Over the years Butte-Silver Bow has acquired parks through a variety of methods, including subdivision dedication, donation, and tax deed sale. Another major source of park land in this community has been the remediation of former mine sites.

Altogether, the City-County’s park sites total over 450 acres of developed and undeveloped park land that provide both active and passive recreation opportunities for residents of Butte-Silver Bow and the surrounding areas, supplemented by the incredible public lands and open spaces in the Butte-Silver Bow area.

One of Butte’s newest parks is the Mountain Con, also known as Foreman's Park, a 60-acre area that served as one of Butte’s largest mine during Butte’s rich mining history. The park provides non-motorized trails for walking and mountain bicycling to access the Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railroad (BA& P) trail system and Granite Mountain Mine Memorial, picnic sites, and group shelter.


The goal of the Parks Department is to provide maximum recreation possibilities within existing resources. There are presently 29 completed parks and an extensive trail system in Butte-Silver Bow, including skating rinks, golf courses, pools, and sports fields. The parks include neighborhood parks, tot lots, and community parks.

Recreation Facilities

In addition to providing and maintaining park land, the City-County of Butte-Silver Bow is also responsible for the development and maintenance of various recreation facilities within its borders. Currently, the city provides sports fields and other athletic facilities including outdoor basketball courts, a skateboard park, tennis, and volleyball courts, ice skating rinks, and a nine-hole and par-3 golf course.

Recreation Programming & Partnerships

Butte-Silver Bow organizes adult sports including softball and volleyball. Partnerships with local youth organizations provide recreation opportunities including little league, football, tennis, and soccer.