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Three Red Fire Trucks in Garage

Welcome to the new Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department’s (BSBFD) website. We plan to add much more information; but, in the meantime, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to call the office at 406-497-6481 or email us at We encourage you to share your suggestions if you would like to see additional information on this site. We hope you find this website useful and informative. If you can, take some time and enjoy the historic articles and pictures that are exhibited.

The Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department is proud to serve the citizens of Butte and Silver Bow County.The BSBFD is composed of a paid fire department and 11 volunteer fire departments. Within Butte-Silver Bow, the BSBFD serves the communities of Buxton, Centerville, Divide, Melrose, Ramsay, Rocker, Silver Bow, and, although Walkerville is a separate municipality, BSBFD assists the community when requested.

The volunteer fire departments include Big Butte, Boulevard, Centerville, Floral Park, Home Atherton, Little Basin Creek, Racetrack, Rocker, Terra Verde, Walkerville, and Melrose.

The Fire Department also works in coordination with the Butte-Silver Bow Fire Commission and Fire Advisory Council.

Mission & Divisions

The mission of the Fire Department is to provide the highest level of fire protection by means of prevention, suppression, and education. Divisions within the department include: suppression, prevention, training, communications, and maintenance.


The functions of the Fire Department include providing manpower and equipment to suppress fires, fire prevention services, building inspections, fire investigation, and delivery of emergency medical services.


The Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department is served by 35 full time personnel and over 150 volunteer fire department personnel. View the Fire Department Staff page for a full roster.


Review the application process.

Burn Permit Online Service

Apply for a burn permit using the State of Montana's online county burn permit and notification service. Contact the Fire Department with any questions.

ISO Rating

Butte-Silver Bow has a split ISO Class Rating which is a 4-5-10 split. If you live in the city limits with fire hydrants, the ISO rating is “4”. If you live within five (5) road miles of a fire station, the ISO rating is a “5,” and if you live further than five (5) road miles the ISO rating is “10.” An ISO fire insurance rating provides significant savings to businesses, property owners, and residents. Contact your insurance company to verify your ISO Class Rating.

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