Clerk of the Court

The Clerk of the Court is an elected position. The Clerk of the Court is required by law to keep the minutes of court proceedings, issue legal processes and notices, accept passport applications, and issue marriage licenses. The Clerk must attend all court hearings and record judgments, wills, court orders, decrees, and summons.
Clerk of Court Passports


The office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is a designated passport Application Acceptance Facility. We process passport applications for U.S. citizens only and forward them to Passport Services for processing.

Clerk of Court Documents


The Clerk of Court is responsible for maintaining court records with the utmost care and security. These court records include criminal felony and misdemeanor cases, civil, family, probate, and small claims proceedings, juvenile cases, and traffic citations. All records filed with the Clerk are available for public inspection during normal business hours with the exception of those records specifically exempt by judicial order or statute.

Clerk of Court Licenses

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are obtained from the Clerk of Court. Once issued, the license can be used immediately or up to 180 days after the date of issue. The license may be obtained in any county within the state of Montana, and the ceremony can take place in any county within Montana. Within 30 days after the ceremony, the license must be returned to the Clerk’s office to be registered. The couple will then receive two certified copies of the license for name change and legal purposes.