Boards & Commissions

Make a Difference in Our Community

The interior of the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse, photo by KXLF TV.Would you like to help guide City-County policies and shape our community and its government? Apply today to serve on a board or commission!

The Chief Executive appoints citizens that reside in the city and county of Butte-Silver Bow to over 40 boards and commissions. Over 300 of the people who serve are directly appointed by the Chief Executive with concurrence from the Council of Commissioners. Appointments are made per Butte-Silver Bow's Municipal Code. 

Current Openings

The following boards and commissions currently have openings.

Applicant Requirements

Before you consider applying for a board or commission, you should know:
  • Most board and commission members do not receive any financial compensation.
  • The time commitment for each board / commission varies. Please contact the staff contact listed for each board or commission for further details.
  • Applicants must reside in the City-County of Butte-Silver Bow.

Apply Today

Submit a letter of interest and resume to the Chief Executive's office by email, or by mail to:

Chief Executive's Office
Attn: Board/Committee Applications
Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse
155 W. Granite St.
Butte, MT 59701
  1. ADA Advisory Committee

    Learn about the ADA Advisory Committee.

  2. Airport Authority Board

    Browse agendas and minutes from the Airport Authority Board.

  3. Animal Services Board

    See the members of the board.

  4. Archives Board

    See information about the Archives Board.

  5. Board of Health

    Read about the Board of Health.

  6. Building Board of Appeals

    View information about the Building Board of Appeals.

  7. Butte Natural Resource Damage Restoration Council

    View information about the Butte Natural Resource Damage Restoration Council.

  8. Civic Center Board

    See information about the Civic Center Board.

  9. Divide Refuse Board

    See the members of the Divide Refuse Board.

  10. East Butte RRA Board

    Obtain information about the East Butte Resource Recovery Agency Board.

  11. Fair Board

    Contact the Fair Board.

  12. Fire Advisory Committee

    Get information about the Fire Advisory Committee.

  13. Fire Commission

    Review information about the Fire Commission.

  14. Friends of the Urban Forest Board

    Learn about the Friends of the Urban Forest Board.

  15. Greenway Authority Board

    Browse information about the Greenway Authority Board.

  16. Historic Preservation Commission

    See information about the Historic Preservation Commission, which works with the State and city-county Historic Preservation Offices on historic preservation issues and programs.

  17. Housing Authority

    Visit the Housing Authority website.

  18. IT Advisory Committee

    The committee will assist the city-county in establishing an Information Technology (IT) Department.

  19. Land Sales Committee

    The Land Sales Committee reviews land referrals from the Council of Commissioners.

  20. Law Enforcement Advisory Board

    Connect with the Law Enforcement Advisory Board.

  21. Law Enforcement Commission

    Read about the Law Enforcement Commission.

  1. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Learn about Local Emergency Planning.

  2. Mental Health Local Advisory Council

    The Butte-Silver Bow Mental Health Local Advisory Council (MHLAC) is a coalition of community members interested in assessing, planning and strengthening behavioral services in the community.

  3. Melrose Refuse District

    View information about the Melrose Refuse District.

  4. Mile High Conservation District Board

    Browse the Mile High Conservation District Supervisors.

  5. Mosquito Control District Board

    Read about the Mosquito Control District Board.

  6. Parking Commission

    Get information about the Parking Commission.

  7. Parks & Recreation Board

    Learn about the Parks and Recreation Board.

  8. Planning Board

    See the members of the board.

  9. Port of Montana Authority Board

    Attend a meeting for the Port of Montana.

  10. Public Housing Authority Board

    Read about the Public Housing Authority Board.

  11. Public Library Board

    Learn about the Public Library Board.

  12. SW Montana Regional Juvenile Detention Board

    Find information about the South West Montana Regional Juvenile Detention Board.

  13. Superfund Advisory

    This board advises the use of the Redevelopment Trust.

  14. Tax Appeal Board

  15. Tax Increment Financing Industrial District Board

    Learn about the Tax Increment Financing Industrial District Board.

  16. Tourism Business Improvement District Board

  17. Transportation Committee

    Obtain information about the Transportation Committee.

  18. Urban Revitalization Agency Board

    Read about the Urban Revitalization Board.

  19. Weed Control Board

    Get information about the Weed Control Board.

  20. Zoning Board of Adjustment

    See information about the Zoning Board of Adjustment.